Puritan type spray machine

Puritan; where simplicity and functionality meets!”

During the development of spray machine named Puritan, we focused on the creation of a product which main parts are almost indestructible, thus, the tank is made of stainless steel. In addition, the exchangable parts of the spray machine are standardized and they can be purchased any time.
Puritán-16 is an environmentally friendly spray machine fulfilling high quality requirements that can be operated through compressed air fillable from compressor, as opposed to widespread gasoline-engine powered spray machines.

Philosophy of durable product
In spite of mass production ideas of large manufacturers, we believe in the philosophy of durable products, therefore we design and manufacture our products to offer as large lifetime as possible, as opposed to products which life cycle suddenly expires after a certain time. We have built on our personal experience to develop a spray tool that serve the needs of the buyer for a lifetime, or even more, with its functionality and simplicity.

10 litres of liquid insecticide should be poured into the 16 litre stainless steel tank, then it should be put under 6 bar pressure with the help of a compressor or tyre-pump through the standard valve located in the closing cover of the tank.
The cover contains a rapid connector, as well, which ensures rapid connection with the spray bar and the work can start at once!

The strength of spraying can be regulated well and simply as it is not limited by the performance of the pumps, thus the liquid insecticide can be sent even to a height of 6-8 m, using a suitable spray bar. The initial air pressure of 6 bar fully empties the tank, pushing all liquid insecticide drops out from the tank!


Economic/ Environmentally friendly

    • No fuel consumption
    • No environmental pollution with exhaust gases


    • No fire danger
    • The moving parts of gasoline engine do not menace the user


    • No necessity to carry the resources
    • Easy handling
    • Noiseless operation


    • Tank made of stainless steel, resisting to aggressive agents
    • No superfluous and moving parts
    • The accessories are made of flexible plastic


  • Tank material: Anti-corrosive steel (DIN 1.4301)
  • Dimensions: 200 x 600 [mm]
  • Volume: 16 [l]
  • Filling up limit value: 10 [l]
  • Net weight: 5,4 [kg]
  • Max. operation pressue: 6 [bar]
  • Gross weight: 15,4 [kg]


Tank, backpack and machine cart can be ordered separately, as well.

Their specifications are described here:

Puritan spray machine
Closing cover for spray machine


Puritan-16 spray machine + backpack list price: 39 329 Ft + VAT (The price includes postal charges)


If you are not satisfies with our spray machine, we shall buy it back at 90% or the price within 10 days!

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