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Our mission:

“The mission of our Company is to develop, manufacture and distribute up-to-date products that serve real needs of people in term. Our research areas aim to promote energy awareness and to increase efficiency. We are committed for these aspects and we strive to fulfill them in our offered services.”

Milestones of Direct-Line:

Ownership structure:

Ownership share at establishment: 60% German, 20% Canadian, 20% Hungarian

Ownership share since 1994: 100% Hungarian


In order to answer better to market needs, our company has been operating a Quality Assurance System and a Quality and Environment Management System since 1998, complying with the following standards:

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009

In addition, we possess a certification of workshop-suitability for welding according to Hungarian Standard MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006.

There are qualifications related to expertise areas that exist for each product, their names are indicated at the given product.

For our drain systems we posses a Hungarian Building Technical Approval:

>> Building Technical Approval (ÉME)

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