Drain systems

Gladly, our products are becoming widespread in the food industry. We would like to offer stainless steel drain systems that we have been manufacturing on the basis of Hungarian and foreign orders for more than five years. With the help of modular slot drains, trench drains as well as fitting dot-like elements that we have developed, an ideal and professional drainage system can be easily constructed that complies with relevant standards (MSZ EN) and the requirements of HACCP quality management system considered as obligatory in the area of food production and distribution.

The main advantages of modular system manufactured by DIRECT-LINE Ltd.:

  • it can be easily varied, due to the fact that pre-manufactured elements are equipped with connections by dimension steps, thus they can be fitted together or enhanced adequately,
  • the channel elements of drain systems are manufactured in a wide range of choices, in inclinations of thousandths of 5-10/3-5/3-0. Adequate drain boxes, cleaner boxes and turner boxes can be connected to the channels of required dimensions, which can be equipped with different accessories (odour-lock, dirt-trap, etc.),
  • it is easy to keep clean, it has a lasting layout. The drainage system made of stainless steel resists corrosion well and due to the applied surface planning, it is also easy to be cleaned,
  • is fulfils unique needs, as our experts design these systems on the basis of on-site surveys.

Our stainless steel floor diffuser system is excellent to divert any water. Our solution having a layout easy to keep clean and easy to deploy has been selected by several well-known Hungarian suppliers for their construction projects. We issue different manufacturer quality certificates related to our products. For further information, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.

Product groups

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>> Hungarian National Technical Approval (ÉME)


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