Engineering services

Developments related to ultraprecision machining Energy rationalization Development and Deployment of Solar systems
  • Development of CNC technologies
  • Development of measurement systems and technologies
  • Design and production of equipments for special measurement tasks
  • Energy audit and diagnosis of industrial equipments
  • Development and deployment of energy monitoring systems and process monitoring systems
  • Elaboration of solutions for heat loss usage at industrial systems and design, construction and deployment of the required equipments
  • Design of equipments and systems utilizing alternative energy carriers
  1. different types of solar collector systems
  2. heat pump based systems
gördülőelemes hajtás
Design and production of products or target machine units Design and production of roller gearings Design and production of industrial, drinking water and waste water systems
  • Design and development of tools of community areas: benches, railings, accessories
  • Development of equipments of planar surfaces coated on the basis of aesthetic and ergonomic aspects (drain systems, pit covers, support and fixing structures)
  • Development of products of commercial units (pavilions, tools for storage and delivery)
  • Development of wellness and sport establishments
  • Automation, complementary automation of existing equipments, design and production
  • Unique and small scale drive engines
  • Drive engines for special applications
  • Transmission according to needs
  • Dimensions according to needs

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