Other services

Door-to-door delivery

In order to satisfy the needs of our Clients, we accept orders not only with on-site delivery but with door-to-door delivery, as well. Based upon different dimensional and weight parameters of our products, we apply various packaging and door-to-door delivery methods:

  • courier service
  • pay on delivery
  • delivery with own vehicle
  • delivery with special vehicle

Deployment and putting into operation

We provide adequate documentation to deploy and put into operation on-site the products we have developed, furthermore, in case of Client needs, we undertake on-site putting into operation, deployment and training of use of the product in question.

Hall for rent

Our conference hall can be used to host conferences, lectures, product presentations and courses. It can be rented every workday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.


  • 140 m²
  • it is air-conditioned in summer, heated in winter
  • 33 terminals (A linux-based HaXSoN operation system developed by Direct-Line Ltd. runs on the terminals)
  • projector and board are available
  • amplification
  • standing receptions with Swedish tables can be organized, as well

We offer free parking places in company area for guests arriving at the above events.

Prices for hall rent, without VAT:

1 hour: 5000Ft
1 day: 25000Ft

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