Bath technologies

As a committed supporter of stainless steel materials, our company has developed the base type of swimming pool made of stainless steel sheet. Today, we have achieved several references in this area. The pool that can be deployed in a dug-out pit or on soil level is composed of unified elements and it is ideal both for indoor or outdoor use. The water technique solution applied is deck-level pool that satisfies the highest aesthetical and technical demands. The pools and their complementary elements are made of stainless steel (which is chlorine-resistant to counteract operational circumstances) or plastics. The surface of stainless steel elements can be natural or brushed, the walking surfaces have an antislip texture.

The advantages of pools made of anticorrosion materials:

  • No separate support structure is required: the metal side walls and side holding elements are self-supporting, there is no need to build a separate support structure.

  • Guaranteed to be leak-free: the pool is manufactured from large elements (1500 mm x 3000 mm), the joints are welded with water closing welds.

  • Low operation costs: the non-porous surface combined with adequate water circulation system prevents the spreading of algae and fungi.

  • Low maintenance costs: the stainless steel materials used resist to weather changes, chemicals and physical effects.

  • No need to close for winter: the pool resists to frost, even water drainage is unnecessary!

  • Full scale solution: we deploy mechanical engineering equipments, complementary equipments and experience elements together with the pool.

  • Short deployment time: we assemble and weld the pre-manufactured elements on site.

  • Lifelong usability: any change, like enhancement, re-construction can be solved easily, as the metal can be cut and re-welded easily!

  • Environmental protection: as stainless steel materials can be fully reused, they do not charge the environment.

In addition, our company undertakes the following:

  • Construction of stainless steel pools according to needs, with overall mechanical engineering background

  • Deployment of supporting structure system into concrete pool or on soil level

  • Pre-manufacturing of side walls and bottom sheets and their on-site welding into a ready state.


Have a look at our video introducing the manufacturing of stainless steel pools!

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