Cooling towers

Our stainless steel cooling towers with open system serve to cool back the water diverted in the cooling tower. They are made of stainless steel of high anticorrosion degree, which guarantee long lifetime for these structures.

Description of cooling process

During cooling procedure, water is sprayed onto a special plastic pad supporting evaporation and expanding surface, which ensures large contact surface for the water to be cooled and the cooling air. The water flowing down from the plastic pad meets the ventilated air. As a result of heat exchange from their interaction, water cools down. In the same time, this special plastic pad prevents water drips taken by flowing air from exiting the system.

The structure of cooling towers

A stainless steel drip tray is placed on the bottom of cooling towers, above that there are the surface expanding plastic pad supporting evaporation and the water spray system (the overall dimensions of the cooling tower shown in the picture are length x width x height: 1500 x 1500 x 1780 mm) and an axial ventilator is located in the upper part of the cooling tower. The supply of water instead of the water volume exited from the system through evaporation and air outflow is ensured by the floating refill valve automatically.

We undertake the design, manufacturing and deployment of cooling towers according to the actual requirements of Clients.

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