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The aim of our manufacturing is to produce new products with high added value content, to provide services that help our Clients.

Our company manufactures products and equipments primarily made of stainless steel, in unique or small scale production for the construction, energy and chemical industries. As a result of our professional preparedness, we participate at more and more industrial investments, where we perform as main contractor of engineering design and on-site deployment of structural locksmith work and technology equipments.

In case of unique needs, please, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues: info@dldh.hu

Using engineering design and processing capacities available to us, we develop and manufacture several products that can be classified into the following categories.

Our product groups from manufacturing:

Structural engineering


Bath technology

Loading stations

and transfer systems

Drain systems
Railing systems Construction of metal structures

Unique projects

We undertake execution of unique projects on the basis of individual designs. In case of need for product similar to our product offer from store but different in technical content, please contact our experts!

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Our product groups from store:

Street furniture Drain elements

Products for the construction industry

Accessories for horticulture

Bathroom technology

Other products for everyday use


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