Railing systems

The main function of railing systems is to ensure non-dangerous traffic indoors and outdoors. Our stainless steel railing systems can be found in several places, primarily public areas, public institutions, however, more and more orders are arriving from the private sector where our stainless steel railing solutions are selected for stairs and terraces of family houses and flats.
The most important advantage of railing systems made of anti-corrosive steel is that they resist to any aggressive environmental effects, thus they have an extremely long lifetime. The wide choice of forms enable these railing systems to fit spaces and environments of different styles, therefore they are present in more and more locations due to their aesthetic and elegant appearance.


In order to fill spaces among supporting pillars, different supporting structures made of various stainless steel base materials can be used, as well as transparent and white glass and polycarbonate sheets. These space filling sheets are held by glass supports of distinct formal layouts. It is general that stainless steel profiles are combined with wood, and the wood part of handrails is decorative, offering warm touch and noble appearance solutions.


These railing systems can be mounted onto walls through special fixing elements, onto floors with base plates that can be mounted with stainless steel screws.


Direct-Line Ltd. manufactures railings of different forms and dimensions fulfilling the functions listed above, both for private or for industrial uses. Direct-Line Ltd. has engineers, as well as design engineers develop railings designs.

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