Development of high precision technologies

The usage value of industrial products highly depends on the quality of built-in parts. In order to manufacture top quality products, not only up-to-date and available technological possibilities are required but the development of tools and methods is also indispensable that can guarantee the fulfilment of high technical requirements of these top quality products. Excellent results can be achieved through the application of ultraprecision machining during the production of parts of high preciseness.

The research base
Our training and research center offers exceptional opportunities for companies and research institutions operating in different areas of applied research and industrial development. The processing of work pieces can be performed with ultraprecision machine tools, special machine materials and devices in an air-conditioned, vibration-free and dust-free environment, according to rigid requirements. In order to ensure testing during the process and at the final check, a laboratory equipped with different precision measurements can be used and a research team is available.

Our experts have performed research and development activities in the following areas related to ultraprecision machining:
Development of ultraprecision technology

Elaboration of optimal tool geometries according to unique client needs. Solution of problems emerging in the areas of grasping workpieces and measurement techniques. In our opinion, the exploration of factors influencing process security is an extremely important issue.

Characteristics of ultraprecision machining

  • Enhanced productivity: significant reduction of cutting times;
  • Difficult geometries: produced independently from lot size;
  • Arbitrary outline: planar, conic, spheric or aspheric optical surfaces;
  • Extremely large preciseness: 1 µm, error in shape: under 0,5 µm, 10 nm surface roughness.
  • Cost efficiency: the time required to perform follow-up remachining (like polishing, super finishing, honing) decreases significantly.
  • Large hardness: even 45-70 HRC workpieces can be produced within IT 3-5 tolerance fields.
  • Wide selection of materials: hardened steel, hard metal, exotic materials (i.e.: ultra fine grained, Cr-Ni-Ti super alloys


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