Energy rationalization

As a result of continuous developments, a significant share of companies have established a decentralized energy supply system on the basis of actual needs and ruling conditions. These systems have emerged as networks that possess the required resources at some points while having bottlenecks at some other points. The elimination of these bottlenecks through integration into a well-founded system that supplies energy in the most economic way for emerging energy needs raises significant benefits.

The objectives of energy rationalization

  • reduction of the consumed energy quantity, improving efficiency;
  • reduction of the absolute or relative amount of energy costs;
  • increasing the safety energy supply, exploration of alternative solutions;
  • clarification of the relationship of scopes related to the energy supply.

Our services

Energy audit

Overall revision of usage areas

Target audit

Revision of areas in focus

Energy workshop

Elaboration of solutions through processing of experience and suggestions of employees working in the area

The objectives of energy workshop

  • exploration of theoretical basis;
  • development of methods;
  • assessment of energy supply systems from technologic, economic and environmental points of view;
  • forecasting of consumer needs.

The establishment of a network of synchronized operation from subsystems that have been operated as island solutions requires the optimization of operation conditions. As a pre-requisite, the existing network should be analyzed from the following aspects:

Financial and legal aspects

  • prices of service providers, contractual terms and conditions, continuous registration and control;
  • change and elimination of energy types;
  • safe alternatives;
  • possibilities for using renewing energies.

Technical aspects

  • mapping of consumer network and energy types;
  • development of measuring points;
  • forecast based on production data;
  • exploration of direct losses;
  • optimization and regulation of technologies, puffers;
  • change of consumers of low effeciency;
  • elimination of no load runs (reactive power).

The prototype level elaboration of the integrated system requires the exploration of theoretical basis necessary for system design. The steps of this work are the following:

  • development of estimation procedures;
  • evaluation of energy networks;
  • filling of consumer cards;
  • development of IT-based estimations;
  • measurement of COP of estimation procedures and its correction;
  • test operation;
  • continuous fine-tuning through application of self-learning algorithms;
  • automation of forecast system.

Our methods

  • IT-based energy monitoring
  • Analysis of technological systems
  • Diagnosis based on thermal imaging camera
  • Establishment of usage of renewing energy sources, deployment of solar collectors

As a result of our projects finalized successfully, not only could our partners place their energy supply on a cost-efficient basis but they could also contribute to the protection of our environment actively.

Energy rationalization catalogue

Energy rationalization workshop


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