ERP systems

Concerning the market of mass produced and mass distributed products, new conditions have been raised by the fierce market competition and by the increasing number of product versions, lately. The number of problems to be solved has soared in all processes of the production, ranging from preparation to product delivery, while the time available to solve one task has reduced. These phenomena have raised requirements for ERP systems that they should involve rapid evaluation of excessive number of data.

The minimization of lead times and the documentation of all company tasks and steps represents a requirement that can be fulfilled through developed IT solutions, exclusively. There is no ready solution available in Hungarian and international markets that can fully satisfy needs of companies, from all aspects of their activities.

However, the organic ERP systems running in HaXSoN environment developed by our company adjust to the existing, well-operating company structure.

Our research activity related to ERP systems cover the following areas:

  • in order to establish operation conditions to ensure continuous operation of ERP systems, exploration of theoretical basis and establishment of models and algorithms;
  • development of sample system, analysis of relationships among critical factors of technologic processes;
  • performance of product design and preparation of production and development of intelligent communication among software products of different data content and structure;
  • development of sample production system, analysis of relationships among critical factors of technologic processes.

Timely scheduling of production and solution of continuous monitoring of ERP tasks may raise a large number of aspects that can be used well is different application areas. Presumably, the reliable modeling of work processes of rather mixed features requires the development of algorithms of different nature.

Our topics:

Energy rationalization
Sewage water technology

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