Product and technology rationalization

As a consequence of technological development, product designs have become more and more difficult, and a growing number of technologic procedures having a growing number of technical procedures are available to support the manufacturing of these products. Within the framework of our research and development projects related to this area, the aim is to develop a method that supports the search of theoretic and practical solutions that lead to optimal result according to some target function through the application of integrated design procedures.

From the moment of the birth of the first product idea to the prototype level realization, all phenomena, connections and inspirations gained by humanity may be used. In all cases, the products are designed for a well articulated purpose for use. Based on these objectives, the requirements and expectations on geometric, physical, chemical and other characteristics are developed. The list of requirements developed this way is a central document that should guide both the managers of the development project and the executing staff.

According to an approach widespread today, no concrete production place or technology is taken into consideration during construction design. Most design engineers think that they do not need to pay full attention to the production process, as rational production technology is an issue related to possibilities of product marketization, primarily. Therefore this means that by the given established content of the construction, it is production technology that should perform full scale adjustment.

The revision of construction designs often leads to the result that the product idea in question can not be manufactured with the help of available technologies. These problems raise research and development tasks of technological nature. It is a quasi experimental fact that construction designs must not be considered as fixed content as in all cases, revision from the aspects of production causes small or less rework of construction designs.

To sum up, product and technology rationalization aims at no less than one-time consideration of both construction and production aspects, which leads to small or less modification in both construction designs and production technology.

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