Systematic engineering design

The scope of activities of manufacturing unit of Direct-Line Ltd. contains the manufacturing of unique or small scale products or equipments made of stainless steel. The main markets for these products are the construction, the food and the chemical industries.

Our research and development unit focuses on the design of different machine engineering products and the development of production technologies. The compilation of specifications on the product, performance of design and construction tasks, elaboration of manufacturing technologies represent technical development tasks that lead to the development of prototype of the ordered product in question. A pre-condition for economic serial production is to evaluate tests performed on the prototype, as based on gained experience, the required modifications and optimization procedures can be executed.

The stainless steel products we have developed possess several favourable characteristics as compared to carbon steel layouts. Most advantages can be deduced from the special characteristics of the base material.

The following aspects are taken into consideration during product development:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • asthetic appearance;
  • durable layout;
  • it can be hardly processed with manual tools, therefore it is theft-proof and vandal-proof;
  • economic;
  • due to their harder processing and higher price, as compared to carbon steel, their application requires more care.

The design orders cover the following main areas:

Our street furniture families of unique layout are consisted of pavilions, railing systems, fountains, drain systems, space lighting and sound street columns, outdoor and indoor furniture, ventilation towers, etc. according to new design.

Our another large development area concerns sewage water equipments.

Besides our own products, our company receives orders to design and product unique equipments frequently, like various heat exchangers, equipments utilizing alternative energy as for example solar collectors.

The intellectual and manufacturing capacities of the manufacturing unit represents a considerable advantage for our research and development unit. This way, besides design and development, we perform prototype level construction of products, or even their production in small and medium scales. Concerning huge investments in the area of food and chemical industries, we undertake the design, manufacturing and on-site deployment of structural locksmith work.
We can build upon the professional experience and market knowledge we have acquired during the projects based on unique needs when we design our own products, as well.

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