R & D

„Research and development represents a creative work performed systematically that aims at expanding the existing level of knowledge, including knowledge on man, culture and society, as well as at using this knowledge to elaborate new applications.”

Since its foundation in 1991, our company, Direct-Line Ltd., has achieved several research and development projects with universities and different laboratories as members. In the period before the state required innovation contribution, we have financed these projects through reinvestment of own profits, while in the period of state required innovation we have financed them through the delivery of numerous client orders. However, the state required innovation contribution has increased our market potentials significantly, so we are organizing our research and development activity using best practices of developed countries. Our colleagues are available at all areas indicated on our homepage in order to support the execution of research projects. A majority of our colleagues possess high level diploma in the relevant area and professional and research experience acquired in Hungary and abroad during many years. As a result of our research and development activity, a number of own-developed products protected by patents has been created in the last few years. See details for our research areas.

What we offer:

  • Application of international research experience into the context of Hungarian practice.
  • Deep understanding or requirements of the competitive sphere, which is justified by our development results.
  • Treatment method of problems to be solved, which is different than normal methods: Through coordination of needs of different clients emerging in the same research area, there is possibility to exploit synergy effects via common financing.

During performance of our research and development, we are in continuous work relationship with the most prominent research institutes and bases organizing research.

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