Ventilation towers

Due to their long lifetime and aesthetic layout, stainless steel lamella heads and connected supporting frames that are applied as inlet and outlet points of air technology systems tend to become more and popular in Western Europe and in Hungary, as well. The ventilation caps of different bases, heights and tops manufactured by Direct-Line Ltd. are applied primarily in fresh air supply of industrial establishments and tunnel systems. We, as Direct-Line Ltd. undertake the manufacturing and deployment of ventilation and cooling towers serving buildings. Based on a precise assessment of Client requirements, we send detailed technical documentation and price offer to the Client.

The main features of ventilation towers manufacturedby Direct-Line Ltd. are the following

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Self-supporting frame
  • Long lifetime
  • Equipped with internal protection net
  • Layout in brushed surface
  • Selection from different geometric layouts is possible (i.e. cylindric or angular shape)

Geometric layouts

The ventilation caps manufactured for outdoor use are composed of three parts: skirt, lamella head and top.

Ventilation caps with lamellas
One of the main characteristics of ventilation towers is the ratio of cross section of blowout and cross section of flow. In case of lamella heads manufactured by Direct-Line Ltd., this ratio can be 1.50, 2.25 or 3.00.
The ventilation cap contains brushed lamellas of inclination angle of 30-45 degrees, placed from one another at different distances, based on sizing. The number and inclination angle of each lamella is calculated upon the volume of air flowing through the cross section of the tower. Pursuant to German Standard DIN 1964, lamella head starts at tower height of 3000 mm. As each ventilation cap is equipped with a stainless steel protection net of 10x10x1 mm on the side of lamellas, the preservation of hygienic features of the ventilation system proves to be a definitely easy task, in addition, the entry of any foreign substance can be interfered. Above the diameter of D = 1200 mm, the heads are stiffened with an internal frame.
The experts of Direct-Line Ltd. define the height of towers and the number of lamellas on the basis of the required cross section of blowout and the type of the selected head.

The most popular tops are the following ones, selected upon the type of buildings and construction sites and their architectural style. We, as Direct-Line Ltd. undertake the manufacturing of tops of new geometry different than those above, provided if design is ensured by the Client.

Different mounting methods

A. Mounting onto wall claws concreted into foundation

B. Screwing foundation ring onto foundation

C. Connection with tube collar

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