IT Development – HaXSoN

Short story of HaXSoN development

  • Direct-Line Ltd. Company has realized the potential lying in open source code-based systems
  • The intense development work has started in 1997
  • The aim was to elaborate an own IT solution
  • The first version of HaXSoN© (which was a 32-bit system) was achieved in 2000
  • Direct-Line Ltd. Company has experience of operating a released system for more than 10 years
  • The version of the fourth generation is in use actually
  • The 64-bit version based on ARM is under development

Aim of development

  • Hardware based on engineering design
  • Parts can be purchased in commercial market
  • Server – terminal architecture
  • Several segments, bandwidth is shared on BUS
  • Standard or quasi-standard solutions
  • Exploitation of all hardware capabilities

Optimized software

  • Code optimized on the processor
  • One-time running of multiple server functions
  • Shareable solutions

What does HaXSoN© mean?

Hardware-XWindow-Software-Network = hardware-software integrated system that organizes Xwindow based terminals into one network.

Composition of the system

Characteristics of the system

  • 64-bit integrated hardware-software system
  • Multitask, multi-user operation system
  • It is not a box software – as it runs on a pre-defined hardware in a pre-optimized way, exclusively
  • Extremely high level of availability
  • Large scale security – against external and internal attacks
  • Lower level investment and operation costs
  • The structure can be tailored to the Client
  • “Closed system based on open source code”

Characteristics of HaXSoN thin terminal

  • Small size, low level of energy consumption, noiseless operation
  • Free of moving parts, long lifecycle;
  • It does not require any updates;
  • Several peripheries can be connected to it;
  • Its settings can be modified on the server;
  • Application runs independent from performance;
  • Multimedia support.

Characteristics of server

  • Large performance;
  • Multi-thread application control;
  • Real application server;
  • It can be supervised from distant network;
  • Backup is performed centrally.

User benefits

  • Automatized processes (periodical backup, setting profiles, setting clock, warning on irregularities, logs, etc.)
  • Noise free workplaces
  • Savings in staff
  • Training of local system operator
  • Option for HOT LINE service
  • No virus issue
  • benefits from setting locales
  • Hungarian development

External-internal protection

System availability

  • No crash error – or blue death
  • The death of terminal does not lead to server crash

Virus protection

  • Effective firewall
  • An environment unknown for viruses
  • Automatic withdrawal of running rights

Compatibility with Windows

  • Program compatibility: 0 %
  • Data compatibility: 99 %

Cost saving

Investment costs

  • Cheaper parts and devices
  • Neither any air conditioner, nor any uninterruptible power supply are required
  • Longer lifecycle

Operation costs

  • Lower level of energy consumption
  • System administrator instead of system operator and system administrator
  • Large number of diagnostic functions

Service costs

  • The server in professional layout
  • The terminal contains only electronic solutions

License fees

  • Mostly free softwares
  • Paid versions are also very cheap
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