Accessoires and Add ons to pools

Heating systems
Our company offers for pool water heating a unique solution. We developed and manufacture a solar system out of stainless steel which can be connected directly to the circulation of the pool, without connecting the heat exchanger.
In addition to sizing and proper utilization the investment cost usually gives a good return during the period of 4-7 years, thus providing an economical solution for hotels, apartment buildings to heat the pool water.
Lighting systems
With underwater pool lights you can give your pool an extraordinary and unique character. Create your own colors using multi-color LEDs.

Whirlpool function
For therapeutic purposes or simply for the sake of pleasure, you will not be disappointed in the whirlpool function and the opportunities offered by a massage bed.
Neck showers, spouts, water curtains, fountain, water mushrooms
Railing systems and underwater handrails
DL_egyedi_korlat_lg DL_korlatrendszer_lg
Pool Covers
Thanks to today’s big variety in pool covers, you can choose from covers with different properties and life-spans. We recommend covers to outdoor pools.
Swimming Starting Blocks
Stainless steel swimming starting blocks fit perfectly to any pool thanks to a high load capacity, robust and elegant appearance at the same time.
Touchpads for pools
The stable and robust touch pads equip a pool for professional sports events. Touch pads serve for time measuring at swimming competitions. The brushed stainless frame is produced according to your requirements out of 1.4571 or 1.4404 stainless steel.
DL-Podiums serve at award ceremonies for honoring champions of first, second and third place. The frame of it is made of stainless steel, the wood panels are stained, the horizontal surfaces come with anti-slip treatment. It consists of three parts, the parts can be moved separately, they can be jointed for the presentation ceremony. Their heights are in descending order of 600 mm, 400 mm and 300 mm. The individual components have non-slip rubber soles. The frame is produced according to your requirements out of 1.4571 or 1.4404 stainless steel.
Rope clamping sleeve
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