DL-Floor Inlets


Our DL-floor inlets were developed in-house and are also manufactured by our company. They serve for delivering water into the pool.
DL-floor diffuser leaflet
Technical Specifications:

  • Quality: 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4571, if required also other qualities possible
  • Surface: etched, visible surfaces brushed
  • Fixing: is screwed to a PVC element which can be glued, rapidly installable
  • Diameter of external disc: 100 mm
  • Diameter of inlet: 40 mm
  • Angle of closing plug: 35 degrees
  • Flow: 0 to 8.1 m3 / h, continuous adjustability
  • Height: closed state: 5 mm, open state: 12 mm
  • Connection: to pipes with internal diameter of Ø40-100 mm
  • Level control: a special key provided for the user to control the size of the gap
DL_padlobefuvo1_lg Key advantages:

  • acid-resistant stainless steel material
  • safe
  • can be shut during operation, back flow preventable
  • esthetic, stylish design
  • size of the gap proportional with the rate of rotation, clearly visible to the naked eye
  • hidden construction
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