Pools installed on rooftops, upper floors or in a basement


You want to have a swimming pool, but have no garden for it, but you own a rooftop terrace or have an empty attic?
Then you have everything to realize a wellness paradise with a pool or a jacuzzi in your own realm. City roof terraces are separated only because of their placement from the busy city, and offers usually a beautiful view. So it provides an excellent location for relaxing and pampering bath.
A stainless steel pool can weight only a thirtieth part of a concrete swimming pool. For this reason, the DL-pools or jacuzzis are relatively light, they have a self-supporting steel sheet construction and can be installed from the ground floor on upper floors or also on a flat roof without extremely reinforcing the roof statics. After an inspection of the roof structure our experts serve you with advice that your rooftop-pool meets all kind of regulatory static requirements.

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