Features of DL-loading stations

For what type of loading tasks do the DL-systems provide a solution?
– road tankers, trucks, ISO-containers
– different rail cars, railway tankers
– marine containers and tanks

Transloadable materials
The range of transloadable liquids and compressed gases is very broad:
– petrochemical products (petroleum, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), gasoline, etc.)
– food industry (sugar syrup, acid, milk, beverages, etc.
– alcohol industry (bear, wine, etc.)
– chemical industry (liquefied pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, etc.)
– dangerous and toxic gases

Different models and materials

The standard models of the DL-podiums, DL-folding stairs and DL-loading arms are made of carbon steel with grey cover painting, nevertheless, the components of these standard version, which are exposed to strong corrosion are produced out of stainless steel. For the application in the direct vicinity of aggressive environments complete elements are manufactured out of stainless and/or acid resistant steel.

Cost saving
DL-loading stations fulfil the following economical requirements:
– good value for money ratio
– due to professional engineering solutions the need for maintenance and service is minimal
– high quality and interchangeable components, long lifetime
– energy saving technical solutions


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