Loading and transfer stations

Since the foundation in 1991, Direct-Line Ltd. has gained lots of experience on the field of developing, designing and manufacturing equipment for the chemical industry, for waste water treatment and for energy rationalization. Based on these, the company has developed its own complete loading system, which can be pasted together from modular elements.

Our loading stations come with high degree of automation, they comply with the highest regulatory requirements and meet the corresponding European standards. We are continuously working on further developing the modular components with taking into account the demands of our customers.


The single-leg podiums designed and manufactured by Direct-Line Ltd. provide safe access for loading operations with DL-loading arms performed on road tankers and rail cars. Read more…

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For operational safety reasons the DL-folding stairs (Model: CH-BL-800) developed by Direct-Line Ltd. have a lightweight structure and are equipped with a safety cage to prevent falling down. Read more…
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DL-loading arms comply with the highest road and rail regulatory requirements and meet the corresponding European standards. The DL-loading solutions are able to handle a wide range of liquids and gases. Read more…

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The DL-Bottom loading arms are operated manually or with the help of a
hydro-pneumatic control. Read more…

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DL-loading stations

The DL-podiums, DL-folding stairs and DL-loading and unloading arms developed by Direct-Line Ltd. provide an efficient and safe solution for road, rail and marine loading/unloading operations. Our systems are suitable for handling all types of liquids. The main industries we deliver for are the petrochemical, chemical, food, alcohol and medical industry.

The DL-system components can easily be integrated to existing infrastructure. Our loading solutions are accurately dimensioned and optimized engineering constructions, which form a complete system. Read more…

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We provide solutions for different loading tasks!
– road tankers, trucks, ISO-containers
– different rail cars, railway tankers
– marine containers and tanks
Transloadable materials
– petrochemical products
– liquids for food industry
– liquids for alcohol industry
– liquids for chemical industry
– dangerous and toxic gases
Different models and materials
The standard models of the DL-podiums, DL-folding stairs and DL-loading arms are made of carbon steel with grey cover painting, nevertheless, the components of these standard version, which are exposed to strong corrosion are produced out of stainless steel. For the application in the direct vicinity of aggressive environments complete elements are manufactured out of stainless and/or acid resistant steel.
Cost savings
– good value for money ratio
– minimal need for maintenance and service
– high quality and interchangeable components, long lifetime
– energy saving technical solutions
Safety regulations
At the development of the DL-loading system elements we set strong emphasis on the security of the loading process and we targeted solutions, which enable loading operations with minimal required effort.
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– Quality Assurance and Quality and Environment Management System
– Welding Certificate
– Compliance with European regulations
– CE-certified
– Fulfil rail and road regulations
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Continuous development
Our development engineers have the goal to bring the components of the DL-stations to perfection and to find more and more modern engineering solutions for new functions. The main scope of our development activity is to:
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Your opinion is important for us!
The main objective of the professional conferences and workshops organized by our company is to learn the actual demands and requirements formulated by users and licensing authorities. The feedback received from our partners is essential for the development work of our engineers. Read more…
Service and support
Flexible development and production enable short lead times of the investments. Our company ensures quick service and immediate availability for our customers.
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Quick feedback to customer needs
– Accurate dimensioning
– Standardised connecting platforms
– Modular connectivity
– Flexible and quick adaptation of customer needs
– We provide complete loading stations!
– Rapid logistics and delivery on site
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