Safety regulations and certificates

Our company has been operating a Quality Assurance System and a Quality and Environment Management System since 1998, complying with standards of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and MSZ EN 14001:2005. Furthermore, we possess a certification of workshop-suitability for welding according to MSZ EN ISO 3834-2-2006 standards. According to European guidelines, the DL-loading stations have CE-certifications and fully comply with the corresponding rail and road regulations.

Working at loading stations entails a lot of responsibility, generally requires great physical effort and is accompanied by especially high security risk.

At the development of the DL-loading system elements we set strong emphasis on the security of the loading process and we targeted solutions, which enable loading operations with minimal required effort.

Positioning of the folding stairs

Rail or road tankers can be reached by folding down safety stairs from the podiums mounted meters high above the ground. In order to assure secure working platforms, the DL-folding stairs are equipped with safety baskets, which can be fit up with a hydro-pneumatic moving mechanism.
Although the vertical distance of the tank from the rail platform is fixed, in the case of truck tanks not even this can be taken for guaranteed. The position of the manhole in driving direction is not exact in either case. To overcome the mentioned location uncertainty, the position of the DL-folding stairs can be adjusted with a roller equipment mounted on the DL-platform.

Positioning of the loading arm

The positioning of common loading arms above the dome is a daunting task. Due to swivel joints and the pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic control the DL-loading arms can be moved easily and flexibly, thus the positioning can be performed with minimal physical effort.

The DL-loading elements fulfil the following safety requirements:

Environmental and hygienic requirements

  • Leak-free operation
  • Steam exhausting, vapour return mechanism
  • Loading arms are equipped with overload sensors and overload blocks

Work and accident protection requirements

  • Accident-free access of work places guaranteed both from the top an the bottom
  • Parking place is ensured
  • Obligatory use of final position switches, bumpers and barbed sensors
  • Emergency alarm equipments (horns, lamps, etc.)

Ergonomic aspects

  • Special balancing of loading tubes mounted high above
  • Movement of loading arms through pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic system
  • Easy to handle

Electronic requirements

  • Earthing
  • Touch protection
  • Extreme environmental conditions

Fire protection environments

  • Loading/unloading can exclusively be performed in closed system
  • Explosion safe layout


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