Advantages of pools made of stainless steel

Indestructible and immortal
  • resistant to weathering, UV radiation, chemicals and physical shock
  • does not wear out, does not age or discolor
  • has a significantly longer life than pools out of other materials
  • your grandchildren will be able to bath in it or in case you sell your property, the stainless steel pool has a value-added effect
  • stainless steel fits all kind of architectural style, its cool elegance, its aesthetic appearance and that it makes modern and diverse forms possible are all in favor of the stainless steel material
Health and hygiene
  • no grooves or hidden joints ; a professionally processed stainless surface is nonporous and antiseptic, so it prevents the development of algae and fungi
  • easy to clean, less chemical usage (up to 80% improvements compared with other basin!), which reduces the irritation of skin and mucous membranes
Economical and environmentally friendly
  • profitable, cost-performance ratio is much better than for other pools
  • the emptied water and the air has a lower environmental impact due to the usage of less chemicals
  • longer lifespan, and the longer water cycle is also gentle on the environment
  • stainless steel is fully recyclable
  • low operating and maintenance costs, because the probability of failure is very low
  • in case of direct sunlight it heats up more quickly than other outdoor pools, because of better insulation, the water remains longer warm
Diverse, individually adaptable
Minimal maintenance needed
  • unnecessary to change to winter operation, because stainless steel is resistant to frost, also emptying the pool is not necessary
  • guaranteed leakproof, joints are welded with waterproof seams and controlled for quality
  • pool filling and draining is very easy  through the channel bottom

A special article gives more information about the advantages of our DL stainless steel pools in Hungarian:

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