Continuous development and support

Continuous development

Our development engineers have the goal to bring the components of the DL-stations to perfection and to find more and more modern engineering solutions for new functions. The main scope of our development activity is to:

– improve the comfort of usage
– increase operational safety
– extend the lifetime
– shorten manufacturing times
– minimize the need for maintenance and service
– decrease the energy demand

Your opinion is important for us!

The development and the optimisation of the DL-loading elements was carried out based on the experiences of our professional crew and according to the occurring needs of our customers during every day operation.

The main objective of the professional conferences and workshops organized by our company is to learn the actual demands and requirements formulated by users and licensing authorities. The feedback received from our partners is essential for the development work of our engineers.

The summary of our conference entitled “Innovation on the filed of manufacturing loading stations” can be found in Hungarian under the following link:

Summary: „Hazai innováció töltő- lefejtő állomások gyártásában”

The Hungarian video summarizing the conference can be found here:

Service and support

Flexible development and production enable short lead times of the investments. Our company ensures quick service and immediate availability for our customers.

Customers’ needs can be taken into account promptly

The components of the DL-loading stations are precisely dimensioned and are equipped with standard platforms, which enables modular connectivity. Customer needs can flexibly and quickly be adapted. In order to avoid compatibility problems, we provide complete loading stations. We perform rapid logistics and delivery on site.


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