DL-loading arms

DL-loading arms comply with the highest road and rail regulatory requirements and meet the corresponding European standards. The DL-loading solutions are able to handle a wide range of liquids and gases. The standard models of top and bottom DL-loading arms are equipped with all functions, which are provided as options for other loading arms on the market.


Balancing and safety
Balancing of heavy parts is performed by self-developed, dimensioned spring cylinders. When the position of the cylinders on the loading arm was determined, the main criterion was to achieve maximal safety. The basic position of the arm is the upper end position, thus it is not dangerous even when the pneumatic cylinder is malfunctioning. The loading arm is not crushing down when air pressure is suddenly ceased, the spring cylinder is holding the weight of the structure.
The Hungarian article about the dimensioning of the spring cylinders can be found here:
Article: Dimensioning of DL-spring cylinders

Dimensions and model
– current dimensions: NA80, NA100 és NA150
– materials: carbon steel (S-series) and stainless steel (R-series)
– right or left models, depending on the type of required pull-in motion

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The DL-loading arms comply with fire safety regulations, are leak-free and are equipped with overfill protection. From security and comfort point of view it is important that there is a shut-off valve on the loading arm. The optionally mountable alarming horn also serves security, which can be operated from the hanging control panel. Optionally we provide heatable loading arm models, which allows thermal controllability of the transferred medium.
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For automatic operation the top DL-loading arms are equipped with our self hanging control panel, which has the advantage that it enable comfortable positioning of the loading arm from everywhere. The controller ensures quick and slow motion and it includes an emergency-stop button.


The top DL-loading arms are designed for manual operation, one man can easily handle them. The servo motion of the arms can be solved with pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic control. Two from the inbuilt 4 swivel joints are responsible for the motion around the horizontal and the other two for the motion around the vertical axis. These enable a comfortable positioning of the loading arm over the manhole with minimal effort. The arm is connected via a rubber-coated cone to the dome, which suits the transferable medium. Due to a special guiding mechanism the vertical position of the loading pipe is preserved at all times. The quick and slow motion of the loading arm can be solved with pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic servo mechanism. The hydro-pneumatic control enables a more harmonic motion compared to the pneumatic one. It provides good controllability of the motion, and prevents from overshoots of the arm due to the damping effect of the oil.

Watch the soon available video about the operation of the loading arms here: VIDEO: OPERATION OF DL-LOADING ARMS

Vapour return
The standard model of the DL-loading arms is equipped with a vapour return line, which diverts the evolving fumes. In case of aggressive and toxic media (eg. Hydrocarbons) there is a great need for this returning line, which is usually formed by a robust rubber hose, in order to prevent the escape of harmful gases into the surrounding air during the loading process. Accordingly, the loading process can take place in a closed system and not only the environment is protected and the regulations for air pollution are fulfilled, but the waste of generally valuable gases and liquids can be minimized.

Prevention of foaming
The prevention of the foaming of the transferred liquid is solved by an elongated dip tube with special end caps, that are adjusted to the loaded medium, which can be a tee-element or a 45 degrees V-element. A telescopic hoist is operating the dip tube, which is placed below the cone in order to assure appropriate filling conditions in the tank. In the case of liquids which are not inclined to foaming the telescopic dip tube is unnecessary.

The cone
In case of demand we mounted the top loading arms with floating cones which are able to follow the changing hight of the tanks during the loading process. For the purpose of weight reduction the angle of the cone is greater than in the case of previous models, which enables quicker and more flexible connection process of the cone to the manhole. An essential design criterion was to solve each type of malfunction disabling the use of the arms rapidly. This is the reason for us to provide arms with interchangeable components, which can be replaced in a very short time to reduce the time of failure significantly.

Different materials
The standard loading arm models are made out of carbon steel, but components exposed to strong corrosion are produced out of stainless steel even for these carbon steel models. For the application in the direct vicinity of aggressive environments the whole loading arms are manufactured out of stainless and/or acid resistant steel.

Delivery and installation
We deliver the DL-loading arms in afore set, balanced and assembled state in special delivery crates. We prepare units, which can be transported with standard, normal size trucks.

Professional dimensioning

The physical characteristic of the medium and the rated operation pressure define the base materials and dimensions of each element – like seals, swivel joints and tubes. At the development stage we pursued to find a solution for every different type of evolving logistic problem. Our experts are at Your diposal for technical consultation, ask for an appointment now: ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT

Main summarized features:
– comply with the strictest road and rail regulations
– components exposed to strong corrosion made out of stainless steel even in the carbon steel model
– balancing with spring cylinders
– no danger when pneumatic cylinder is malfunctioning
– fire-proof, leak-free, equipped against overfilling
– closing valve on the loading arm
– optionally equipped with alarming horn
– easy and comfortable handling
– quick and flexible connectivity
– pneumatic of hydro-pneumatic movement along 3 axes
– well controllable, harmonic movement, prevents overshoot of the arm
– optionally heated model
– vapour return hose for vapour diverting
– prolongation of the loading arm with telescope
– foaming prevention with end cap adjusted to loaded medium
– loading arm controllable from arbitrary position with hanging controller
– control allows quick and slow motion, equipped with emergency-stop button
– interchangeable and mountable cone
– floating cone, which is following the motion of the truck while filling
– dimensions: NA80, NA100 and NA150
– materials: carbon steel (S series) and stainless steel (R series)
– right or left model, depending on the required folding motion
– due to guiding mechanism the vertical position of the loading pipe is preserved at all times


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