The single-leg podiums designed and manufactured by Direct-Line Ltd. provide safe access for loading operations with DL-loading arms performed on road tankers and rail cars.

Safety is of highest priority

For operational safety reasons the DL-podests are equipped with exit inhibitor railings. To minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents the tread of the podiums and the folding stairs is created out of hot galvanized anti-skid grids. The grey leg of the platform is pained yellow-black for prevention of accidents. The loading spots are comfortably accessible for the operating crew and escape ways are ensured. Read more about safety regulations…

Modularity, standard components

With the connection of more single-leg DL-platforms by bridge elements, modular and multi-functional platform systems can be built.

The DL-podiums are built out of interchangeable elements and are equipped with standard mounting plates for receiving bridge elements and folding stairs. In case of demand, the movement of the DL-folding stairs to the side is solved by an additional roller equipment, the rail structure can be mounted on the DL-platform.

Main dimensions:
Total width: 5900 mm
Total hight: 4590 mm
Hight of walking surface: 3600 mm
Area of walking surface: 1700×1700 mm
Overhang of stairway: 5050 mm
Width of stairway: 800 mm
Depth of the stair: 240 mm
Height of safety railing: 990 mm

For mounting our podiums
a professional grounding
is required. For the installation
on site we provide the steel structure,
which has to be bedded
into the appropriately
dimensioned concrete.


Optional roof
The condition of the installation might require to mount roofs on the platforms, which not only provide protection for the operators against the sun and the rain, but also enable to keep the field of action clean and reduce the risk of slipping.

Standard version and specific demands

The standard models of single-leg DL-platforms are made of carbon steel with grey cover painting, but for the application in the direct vicinity of aggressive environments complete podiums are manufactured out of stainless and/or acid resistant steel. Besides standard DL-elements we also undertake the design and production of individual structures.

Main summarized features:
– equipped with anti-exit railing
– standard version: carbon steel with grey cover painting
– galvanized, anti-slip tread and stairs
– single-leg platform islands can be connected with bridge elements, expandable
– modular, standard components
– anti-accident painting of column
– 4 pcs of concreting arms
– mounting plate for DL-folding stairs
– on demand rail structure for moving DL-folding stairs to the side
– protecting roof on demand
– special materials: stainless and acid resistant steel


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