DL-Folding stairs

For operational safety reasons the DL-folding stairs (Model: CH-BL-800) developed by Direct-Line Ltd. have a lightweight structure and are equipped with a safety cage to prevent falling down. Read more about safety regulations…

Video in Hungarian about the safety DL-folding stairs:

The article about the safety analysis of the folding stairs can be read in Hungarian here:

Article: Safety analysis
of DL-folding stairs

Balancing of the weight of the structure is performed by self developed, precisely dimensioned and optimized spring cylinders, which enables finer tuning than the previous solutions. Read more about the dimensioning of the DL-spring cylinders in Hungarian here:

Article: Dimensioning of DL-spring cylinders

Operation and handling

Operation of the DL-folding stairs is easy and safe. Folding down and folding back the manually operable stairs requires minimal effort. In the upright position the structure is locked by the well visible yellow latch pedal, which can be unlocked on foot press, thus the stairs and the cage become moveable. After the stairs are folded down, the structure sits on the tank by the oil-resistant rubber bumper. After the loading process, the stairs can be folded back against the platform, after reaching the upright position again, the pedal is locking the structure automatically.
Have a look at the Hungarian video presenting the operation of the DL-folding stairs: DL-FOLDING STAIRS VIDEO

Moving the DL-folding stairs to the side is solved by an additional roller equipment, which rolls on the rail structure that is mounted to the DL-platform.

Hydro-pneumatic moving mechanism
Upon request, the DL-folding stairs can be equipped with a hydro-pneumatic operating mechanism, which makes the handling effortless, more comfortable and which provides appropriate damping at the end positions of the movement.

Structural features
The tread of the stairs is made of galvanized anti-slip grids. The standard models are built with 3, 4 or 5 stairs, the unified width of the stairs is 800 mm.
The well designed DL-folding stair structure is especially stiff. It consist of interchangeable and standardized components, which enable short manufacturing and lead times.

Different materials
The basic version of the DL-folding stairs is produced of carbon steel with grey cover painting, but also for this basic version the parts exposed to heavy corrosion are manufactured out of stainless steel. For the application in the direct vicinity of aggressive environments the complete folding stair structure and the safety cage are manufactured out of stainless or acid resistant steel.

Catalogue download

Accredited OHS certification
The security folding stairs
of Direct-Line Ltd. are
certified according to the
basic health and safety
standards certification
formulated in the Inter-
national Directive 2006/42/EC.

Download the Certificate about Operational Safety

Download Hungarian operating and maintenance instructions

Main summarized features:
– equipped with safety cage for anti-fall protection
– stiff and lightweight structure, easy and safe handling
– standard, interchangeable components, short manufacturing times
– designed construction
– balancing with fine-tunable spring cylinders
– automatic latch pedal in closed position
– tread made of anti-slip grate
– manual or hydro-pneumatic operation
– moveable sidewise on the DL-platform
– 3, 4 or 5 stairs
– standard width of stairs 800 mm
– standard model made of carbon steel, painted grey
– special materials: stainless and acid resistant steel
– chain locking device
– Occupational Safety and Health Certificate and CE qualification
– special safety cage upon request


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